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A township of central New Jersey southwest of New York City. It was the site of Thomas Edison's Menlo Park laboratory.


(Biography) Thomas Alva. 1847–1931, US inventor. He patented more than a thousand inventions, including the phonograph, the incandescent electric lamp, the microphone, and the kinetoscope


(ˈɛd ə sən)

1. Thomas Alva, 1847–1931, U.S. inventor, esp. of electrical devices.
2. a township in central New Jersey. 70,193.
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Noun1.Edison - United States inventorEdison - United States inventor; inventions included the phonograph and incandescent electric light and the microphone and the Kinetoscope (1847-1931)
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To the complete bewilderment of Bell, it coolly announced that it had "the only original telephone," and that it was ready to supply "superior telephones with all the latest improvements made by the original inventors--Dolbear, Gray, and Edison.
He was scarcely seated in his managerial chair, when the Western Union threw the entire Bell army into confusion by launching the Edison transmitter.
He was Caesar and Napoleon, Washington and Lincoln, Grant and Edison and Shakespeare.
I'll have a row of electric lamps up here inside of six months, and you won't know it again, with a thousand candle-power Swan and Edison right here in front of the hall door.
In Edison, Matthew Josephson recounts how Edison learned that Gould "swindled his associates no less than his opponents, whenever it suited him to do so.
In addition, she had high expectations to implement the Edison Schools model, but often found she was unable to properly deliver.
Edison officials have already promised to fight any takeover and have raised questions about the potential cost, practicality and benefits to Palmdale residents, although water district officials say they have come to no decision.
Spring 2001 test scores were announced August 15, two months after Edison Charter's charter was transferred from the district to the State Board of Education.
According to a Con Edison spokesperson, the benefits are based on the amount of its own equipment it can remove from the street, including rectifiers and mains.
Edison had previously filed a notice of intent with the CPUC to suspend a variety of energy conservation initiatives, including its 1995 refrigerator recycling program with ARCA.
Miria Systems is poised for rapid growth," said Doug Petillo, a partner in Edison Venture Fund.
Excluding the one-time cost, Edison reported income of $741 million, or $2.