Edisto River

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Ed·is·to River

A river, about 350 km (215 mi) long, of southern South Carolina flowing southeast to the Atlantic Ocean.
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Early on Tuesday, emergency responders in Orangeburg County pulled three people to safety in a boat after they were surrounded by rushing water from the North Edisto River, the State newspaper reported.
the Saluda River in Chappells; Stevens Creek near Modoc; the Enoree River at Whitmire; and the north fork of the Edisto River in Orangeburg County.
From its headwaters at the Midlands of South Carolina, the Edisto River meanders 305 unobstructed miles along low sandy banks before gently expiring into the Atlantic Ocean.
Built along the Edisto River in 1992,2002 and 2006 by Scott Kennedy and his son, Beau, each treehouse is constructed on a platform stationed between a pair of trees with similar diameters.
Family history states that the slaves slipped out of the embattled city and paddled a small bateau through the marsh lands and across the North Edisto River, safely reaching the infant's grandparents' house some forty miles away.
In 1981, nests were discovered near the Edisto River in South Carolina.
From Ecuador to the Edisto River - 2010 Active Adventures Await
Weekend Getaway: Edisto River Kayaking, South Carolina
Charleston Water has an ample raw water supply drawn from two surface water sources, the Edisto River and the Bushy Park Reservoir.
Santee, Cooper, & Edisto Rivers, South Carolina
The Ashepoo, Combahee and Edisto Rivers of southeastern South Carolina converge near Beaufort to drain into the Atlantic, creating a massive complex of teal-attracting tidal marshes known as the ACE Basin.
The Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto rivers, which give the ACE Basin its name, combine to create one of the largest undeveloped estuaries on the Atlantic Coast.