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Noun1.Edward Albee - United States dramatist (1928-)
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Both were personally selected by three-time Pulitzer prize winning playwright, Edward Albee, to read his play at Playwrights Horizons in NYC.
It also contains an interview with Edward Albee, a review essay of the Theatre & series, and seven book reviews.
Described by Edward Albee as "the greatest American play ever written," it tells the story of an average town's citizens in the early 20th century as depicted through their everyday lives.
The volume features such authors and topics as: Edward Albee on S & M; Maya Angelou on women's work; Michael Cunningham on self-mutilation; Dave Eggers on a Sudanese abduction; Edwidge Danticat on a border crossing; Carol Gilligan on a daughter witnessing her mother being hit; Susan Miller on raising a son as a single mother; Sharon Olds on a bra; Patricia Bosworth on her own physically abusive relationship; Jane Fonda on reclaiming our Mojo; and many more.
North '38; Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Edward Albee '46; actors Michael Douglas '63, Glenn Close '65, Jamie Lee Curtis '76 and Paul Giamatti '85; and Angela Ruggiero '98, four-time Olympic ice hockey medalist.
Exciting because the new season includes everything from comedy to powerful drama with writers from American dramatist Edward Albee to Yorkshire's own John Godber.
And playwright Edward Albee, who was asked to invest in the production in 1968, says he decided against it because "I found it a highly skillful work that I despised.
Edward Albee adapts Lolita as a play and takes it to Broadway .
mistakenly believing it to be by Pinter, instead of Edward Albee.
in which writer Edward Albee shines an unforgiving light on the disastrous relationship of a university academic and his wife.
She has translated, among others, Dylan Thomas, Samuel Beckett, Edward Albee, Seamus Heaney, and Derek Walcott into Greek, but in my view her single most impressive feat of translation is her monumental translation of Pushkin's Eugene Onegin.
The essays on William Inge, Edward Albee, and Tony Kushner demonstrate how Tennessee Williams' representation of homosexuality on stage blazed a trail followed by others, and, conversely, how the later Williams was himself influenced by the continued developments wrought by Inge and Albee.