Edward Jenner

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Noun1.Edward Jenner - English physician who pioneered vaccinationEdward Jenner - English physician who pioneered vaccination; Jenner inoculated people with small amounts of cowpox to prevent them from getting smallpox (1749-1823)
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It was an Englishman by the name of Edward Jenner who experimented in 1796 and injected cowpox from a pustule on the arm of a milkmaid into a healthy boy named James Phipps.
A British physician Edward Jenner developed a vaccine against smallpox in 1796 and the virus circulating in the vaccine was named as vaccinia virus.
Contractor address : Edward Jenner Court, 1010 Pioneer Avenue, Gloucester Business Park
1796: Edward Jenner made his first vaccination against smallpox.
Tracing the evolutionary history of the deadly pathogen also unearthed a surprising finding - evolution of the virus into a major and a minor strain only began after 1796, when the English physician and scientist Edward Jenner developed a vaccine.
1796: Edward Jenner made his first vaccination against smallpox, and laid the foundation for modern immunology.
The origins of vaccine refusal go back to the beginning of vaccinations themselves, when Edward Jenner introduced the smallpox vaccine in the 1800s.
He attended Cirencester Grammar School, where he formed a friendship with Edward Jenner, who later developed the smallpox vaccination.
Edward Jenner developed the small pox vaccine in England in 1796.
The evolutionary mingling of Veterinary and human medicine is reflected by work of Edward Jenner (1796-1798) on cow-pox vaccination against small-pox, rabies vaccination by Louis Pasteur (1885) and Robert Kochs work on tuberculosis.
Edward Jenner reported that cowpox, a milder version, was just as effective in achieving immunity, inoculation -- which was steadily improved over the years -- became standard procedure and eventually led to the elimination of the dread disease.
A partir de entonces hay testimonios de su mortal paso por Asia, Europa y America, continente al que la introdujeron los espanoles aunque se debe reconocer que tambien los espanoles organizaron la primera campana de vacunacion masiva en el mundo, precisamente contra la viruela, en el continente americano, apenas siete anos despues de que Edward Jenner la aplicara por primera vez, en 1796.