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Noun1.Edward MacDowell - United States composer best remembered as a composer of works for the piano (1860-1908)Edward MacDowell - United States composer best remembered as a composer of works for the piano (1860-1908)
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1' as arranged by Ferruccio Busoni) and by American composers Edward MacDowell and Elie Siegmeister.
4, the word "calmato"--a marking also employed by Franz Liszt, Edward MacDowell, Claude Debussy, and Leonard Bernstein--is "an indication of neoclassical restraint" (p.
Margery was a scholar of the music of Edward MacDowell and taught at Peabody Institute of Music and the Johns Hopkins University.
She will also play a solo piano piece, Witches Dance by Edward MacDowell.
Last summer, Sondheim was awarded the 54th annual Edward MacDowell Medal for lifetime achievement.
The volume is wide-ranging, beginning with examinations of the vocal works of Edward MacDowell, Charles Martin Loeffler, and Charles Griffes, and closing with a discussion of the songs of Jake Heggie.
When he was made the first professor of music at Columbia University in 1896 Edward MacDowell - he of To a Wild Rose fame - was described by the trustees as "the greatest musical genius America has produced.
There was a time just before the turn of the twentieth century when Edward MacDowell was the most popular American composer in the world.
As is only to be expected, there are some omissions, such as the extraordinary pianist-composer known as 'Alkan' along with Edward MacDowell and Erich Wolfgang Korngold.
ROBERT MacNEIL,chairman, The MacDowell Colony CHERYL YOUNG, executive director, The MacDowell Colony WHAT: Seminal American photographer ROBERT FRANK, considered one of the key visual artists of postwar America, will make a rare appearance at the MacDowell Colony to receive the 43rd Edward MacDowell Medal for his outstanding contribution to the arts.
After a dazzling performance of Chopin, the iconic Polish composer of the Romantic era in the first half of the 19th century, Licad transported the audience to the music of Edward MacDowell, an American composer from the second half of the 19th century and composer of the popular, short but sweet and tender piano piece, 'To a Wild Rose.