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Noun1.Ed Sullivan - United States host on a well known television variety show (1902-1974)Ed Sullivan - United States host on a well known television variety show (1902-1974)
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Edward Sullivan is a retired practitioner of land use and municipal law for more than 45 years.
Edward Sullivan looks at the ways in which Oller combined the influences of his experiences abroad with an "intense attachment to the specifics of Puerto Rican geography, light, flora, and the customs of its inhabitants" (p.
The new forecast reflects the implementation of the new multi-year highway bill, Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act," said Edward Sullivan, PCA chief economist and group vice-president.
Edward Sullivan is a veteran who started his construction career at the Long Beach courthouse project with Signal Hill-based Environmental Construction Group, Inc.
Twelve-year-old Edward Sullivan is immediately suspicious of Cousin Freddie, who unexpectedly arrives on British Mars from Earth via the dragon paths.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology research suggests that fuel economy gains can be achieved by converting flexible pavement to more rigid pavements," says PCA Chief Economist Edward Sullivan.
Fortalecidas con plumas de academicos reconocidos en Mexico y el extranjero, como James Oles, Edward Sullivan y Jorge Alberto Manrique, algunas muestras se exportaron, recibiendo una retribucion economica, a museos como el Meadows, de Dallas, y el San Diego Art Museum.
I buy the stuff regularly from my local medicine shop," Edward Sullivan, a 42-year American gym instructor, based in Muscat, said.
Edward Sullivan, The Language of Objects in the Art of the Americas (New Haven: Yale Univ.
Whitman, the environmental, engineering and management firm, has announced that Edward Sullivan has been promoted to director of hydrogeology, managing complex remedial investigations, hydrogeologic investigations and remedial actions.
One individual willing to take on that risk is Edward Sullivan, director of physician services at 230-bed Winchester Hospital, in Winchester, Mass.
Edward Sullivan, a leading Goya scholar, notes that despite the artist's reputation as an anti-cleric, the Last Communion of Saint Joseph of Calasanz is derived from his intensely religious sensibility.