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 (ĕd′wərdz), Jonathan 1703-1758.
American theologian and philosopher whose original sermons and writings stimulated the Great Awakening, a period of renewed American interest in religion.


1. (Biography) Gareth (Owen). born 1947, Welsh Rugby Union footballer: halfback for Wales (1967–78) and the British Lions (1968–74)
2. (Biography) Jonathan. 1703–58, American Calvinist theologian and metaphysician; author of The Freedom of the Will (1754)
3. (Biography) Jonathan. born 1966, British athlete: gold medallist in the triple jump at the Olympics (2000) and the World Championships (1995, 2001)


(ˈɛd wərdz)

Jonathan, 1703–58, American theologian.
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Noun1.Edwards - American theologian whose sermons and writings stimulated a period of renewed interest in religion in America (1703-1758)Edwards - American theologian whose sermons and writings stimulated a period of renewed interest in religion in America (1703-1758)
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It was Miss Edwards who did that, I KNOW,' said Miss Monflathers predictively.
It was Miss Edwards, and everybody said it was Miss Edwards, and Miss Edwards herself admitted that it was.
Pinkerton has taken hold under their orders, and his best man, Birdy Edwards, is operating.
I have information that the most powerful and richest organizations in this state have bound themselves together for our destruction, and that at this very moment there is a Pinkerton detective, one Birdy Edwards, at work in the valley collecting the evidence which may put a rope round the necks of many of us, and send every man in this room into a felon's cell.
Mr Edwards then began as follows: "The fault is not mine, madam: it lies in the dulness of the age, that doth nothing worth talking of.
To which Edwards answered, "A young fellow we none of us know; a Somersetshire lad just came to town, one Jones his name is; a near relation of one Mr Allworthy, of whom your lordship I believe hath heard.
Edwards, an English resident well known for his hospitality by all who have visited Coquimbo, when a sharp earthquake happened.
I set out in company with Don Jose Edwards to the silver-mine of Arqueros, and thence up the valley of Coquimbo.
Edwards,” said the Judge; but the sudden and inexplicable start with which the person spoken to received this unexpected address, caused him to pause a moment.
But, here, all are equal who know how to conduct themselves with propriety; and Oliver Edwards comes into my family on a footing with both the high sheriff and the judge.
It was Sir Edward the father of my Deceased Husband.
They were greatly shocked--even the obdurate Heart of Sir Edward and the insensible one of Augusta, were touched with sorrow, by the unhappy tale.