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a.1.See Ægean.
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eth]ae[eth]oGEAN presents the [eth]ae EGEAN For Families bundle of services, exclusively designed to make family travel by airplane a pleasurable, smooth and entertaining experience for all family members.
A winner over this trip at Lingfield ingfield in December, he found Blue Aegean egean too good at this track last month over five furlongs - a trip which is probably short of his best.
Nor can it be decisive that this Strait is not a necessary route between two parts of the high seas, but only an alternative passage between the Egean (sic) and the Adriatic Seas.
Egean Forestry Research Institute Karsiyaka/Izmir-Egean University Agricultural Faculty, Field Crops, Bornova, Izmir
This group can be interpreted as a race of the widespread association Oleo-Euphorbietum dendroidis, which was found in different sites from the Balears islands to the Egean coasts (Blasi & al.
In The Comedy of Errors, for instance, Egean begins the extensive exposition of his life with the claim he was "wed
and Egean Financiera Corporation; and an Israeli institutional investor - Meitav Gemel Ltd.
5/100 000 in a two-center study conducted in the Marmara and Egean regions (3).