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A city of northeast Hungary southwest of Miskolc. The city was occupied by the Turks from 1596 to 1687. It is known today as a center of wine production.


1. (Placename) a city in N central Hungary. Pop: 56 696 (2003 est)
2. (Placename) the German name for Cheb


(ˈɔr ʒə)

a river in central Europe, flowing NE from Germany through the W Czech Republic to the Elbe. 193 mi. (310 km) long. German, Eger.
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Eger and Freiberg bring deep experience in the payments industry and will work alongside TowerBrook and the Rewards Network team in their efforts to drive growth, expand existing business opportunities, improve data analytics, and scale the platform through new partnerships and initiatives.
Pulled half-alive from a pile of corpses, and thrust into post-war recovery, Eger, a Hungarian Jew, is haunted by memories of the Holocaust and a devastating guilt that shackles her for far longer than her wartime incarceration.
When Eger was 16, Josef Mengele, the abhorrent Auschwitz physician, made horrific choices for her.
Pictured under arrest with facial injuries, Eger and Gabel are currently being held in a remand centre.
Gardner WA, Peeler HB, LaForest J, Roberts PM, Sparks Jr AN, Greene JK, Reisig D, Suiter DR, Bacheler JS, Kidd K, Ray CH, Hu XP, Kemerait RC, Scocco EA, Eger Jr JE, Ruberson JR, Sikora EJ, Herbert Jr DA, Campana C, Halbert S, Stewart SD, Buntin GD, Toews MD, Bargeron CT.
We're trying to get the message out that yes, vibration is an issue that can lead to medical problems, but there are control strategies in place to address them," said Eger, director of the Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health (CRUSH) at the university.
Ivo Neame, Jasper Hoiby and Anton Eger of the two-parts Scandinavian, one-part English band Phronesis
As I'd spent pretty much my entire musical life up until that point in London I knew next to nothing about the Danish scene apart from one guy, an awesome Swedish drummer named Anton Eger," he explains.
In this riveting ballet story set in 1950s America, Paddy Eger reminds us that not every ballerina gets her fairy-tale ending.
Woods was given a two-shot penalty but because Eger, the former tournament director for both the USGA and the PGA tour, had reported the incident and no action had been taken as Woods was not shown the evidence before he signed the card , the usual course of disqualification was not taken, the report added.
We think we'll have the first unit installed as early as January," said Eger.
8) Do you think any less of Camelot for his being beaten in the L eger, or do you believe his reputation has been burnished in defeat?