Egg cleavage

(Biol.) a process of cleavage or segmentation, by which the egg undergoes endogenous division with formation of a mass of nearly similar cells, from the growth and differentiation of which the new organism is ultimately formed. See Segmentation of the ovum, under Segmentation.
- Ogilvie.

See also: Egg

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Because reproduction is parthenogenetic, numerous spermatozoa may participate in the activation of the mature eggs and egg cleavage, as a stimulus only for parthenogenesis in the same hermaphroditic follicle or the gonophore.
6, 16, and 20), or intrafollicular embryos, usually appeared to be surrounded by numerous spermatozoa in the hermaphrodilic follicles during egg cleavage (Figs.
In this study, some intrafollicular embryos were found in the course of egg cleavage in the hermaphroditic follicles of C.