coddled egg

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Noun1.coddled egg - egg cooked briefly in the shell in gently boiling water
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
hard-boiled egg, hard-cooked egg - an egg boiled gently until both the white and the yolk solidify
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To coddle an egg, you break it into an egg coddler cup with some cream, seasonings, and fresh herbs, then screw the lid on tightly, and simmer the cup in water.
Sur la Table executive vice president Renee Behnke said her buying team came to Europe on a quest for some very specific kitchen tools, finding a chestnut piercer, spaetzle maker and egg coddler.
com, I believe the Egg Coddler is so popular because they are very old-fashioned and comforting, coddled eggs are a simple breakfast or supper, cleanup is simple, and coddled eggs are downright yummy if you add a little cheese, chives, caviar .