Egg development

(Biol.) the process of the development of an egg, by which the embryo is formed.

See also: Egg

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We are now working on optimising the conditions that support egg development in this way and studying how healthy they are.
Lead scientist, Dr Kelsey, said: "We are only beginning to unravel the details of the connection between epigenetics and egg development, a fundamental aspect of biology that may play a part in transmitting information from mother to fetus.
In particular, characteristics related to early egg development have been known for their potential association with various ecological environments.
Too little rain might mean that the sand is too dry for the young turtles to climb out of it; too much rain during the early stages of egg development might lead to a reduction in oxygen supplies to the growing embryo.
Temperature-dependent egg development rates, hatchability and fry survival rate of Lake Malawi Tilapia (Chambo), Oreochromis karongae (Pisces: Cichlidae).
Their eggs in turn provide a picture of what the mothers were exposed to before and during egg development.
Next, the egg development passes through blastula and gastrula (stages 8 and 9) followed by the formation of cilia and prototrocal girdle (stage 10) (Fig.
Researchers have identified suitable sites for the assisted colonisation trial and have considered current and future climate scenarios and the impact on tortoises and egg development," he said.
Each week for about six weeks Loreen was injected with medications to develop multiple egg development.
Veriploid[TM] is designed to roll back the clock to enable healthy egg development, meaning an egg with the correct number of chromosomes," said Dr.
Experiments found that when any one of 13 key proteins tied to ATP synthase were blocked, egg development was disrupted or stalled.