Ascophyllum nodosum

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Noun1.Ascophyllum nodosum - similar to and found with black rockweedAscophyllum nodosum - similar to and found with black rockweed
rockweed - coarse brown seaweed growing on rocks exposed at low tide
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He set up Seaweed and Co to advise on the uses of this natural food and supply dried Hebridean harvested egg wrack through distributors in the US and Europe.
The Torridonian sediments are part of the Stoer Group, a sequence of sedimentary rocks that were deposited about one billion years ago; CENTRE RIGHT: serrated wrack and egg wrack seaweeds, Isle of Muck.
In Anglesey an unusual form of egg wrack was discovered that is similar to that found in Scottish lochs and the cushion star, which is at its northern limit in the UK.