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n.1.(Med.) The sound of a patient's voice so modified as to resemble the bleating of a goat, heard on applying the ear to the chest in certain diseases within its cavity, as in pleurisy with effusion.
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Egophony is assessed by asking the patient to repeat the letter "e," while whispered pectoriloquy is assessed by asking the patient to whisper the phrase "12-3" while the nurse auscultates the chest wall.
Examination was remarkable for increased tactile vocal fremitus on left lung with bronchial breath sounds and egophony.
The lung sounds were: normal vesicular breath (n = 1), decreased breath (n = 1), wheezes (n = 2), crackles (n = 2), stridor (n = 1), tubular breath (n = 1), egophony (n = 1), and friction rub (n = 2).
Bronchial breath sounds and egophony below the angle of the left scapula due to bronchial compression may also be found.
9[degrees]F, local dullness to percussion, rales, asymmetric respirations, pleural rubs, egophony, increased fremitus, and cachexia are weak predictors of pneumonia, being present in 4% to 28% of radiographically proven pneumonia.
Physical examination reveals only crackles and egophony in the right lower lung field.