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a. egosintónico-a, en armonía o correspondencia con el ego.
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Psychiatrically, those extreme ideological positions appear to be consistent with Jasper's criteria for a delusion (a belief with an unparalleled degree of subjective feeling of certainty that cannot be influenced by experience or arguments) or McHugh's definition of an overvalued idea, which resembles an egosyntonic obsession that is relished, amplified, and defended.
They seem to be pleasantly egosyntonic with this attention-stealing information infestation and unwilling to consider that there is any problem.
In the present analysis, male viewers could easily identify with the male characters because the latter presented the most prosocial and therefore egosyntonic qualities of masculinity.
That is, in egosyntonic disorders, such as PD, self-deception may exercise an unconscious effect on the person, impeding the patient's ability to address the egosyntonic disorder (Martinez-Gonzalez & Verdejo-Garcia, 2014).
On the other hand, a high-symptom presence score is the sign of egosyntonic OCS and can be considered as a sign of obsessive personality disorder (OCPD) or more severe and nearly psychotic OCD (Insel & Akiskal, 1986).
However, assessment of eating disorders is especially challenging for several reasons, including cognitive disturbances caused by semistarvation, the egosyntonic nature of eating disorder symptoms, fear of forced treatment, and limitations in insight.
In contrast, other symptoms may be more egosyntonic and thus are less likely to be identified as impaired functioning by the patient.
In contrast to the egodystonic behaviors related to OCD, gambling in PG is often initially egosyntonic or hedonic in nature, although over time the pleasure derived from gambling may diminish.