Egyptian cat

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Noun1.Egyptian cat - a domestic cat of EgyptEgyptian cat - a domestic cat of Egypt    
domestic cat, Felis catus, Felis domesticus, house cat - any domesticated member of the genus Felis
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Both Near Eastern and Egyptian cat lineages contributed at different times to the maternal genetic pool of domestic cats, with one or other present in the vast majority of present-day cat breeds," the researchers said.
But lead author Dr Claudio Ottoni said: "It's still unclear whether the Egyptian cat descends from imported cats or whether a separate second domestication took place.
For Christmas my kids bought me a giant speaker in the shape of an Egyptian cat so I can put my iPod in the top and play my music nice and loud," he says.
32) tells of a boy's desperation to score in soccer and impress his teammates, which fails until he finds magical powers; Penny Dolan and Andy Elkerton's The Egyptian Cat Mystery (9780778720607, $31.
I'm constantly drawn to a small figure of an Egyptian cat in the British museum, the Gayer Anderson Cat.
There was a closet filled with Photonic antiquities, a small statue of the head of Nefertiti and a black statue of the Ancient Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet.
Here, among other objects, a mummified Egyptian cat is set alongside a dog-shaped speaker by the Dutch designer Sander Mulder and a cat photographed against a green screen by Elad Lassry.
In 60 BC, Siculus saw a Roman accidentally kill an Egyptian cat.
London, May 28 ( ANI ): The mystery about how cats went from running in the wild to becoming our domesticated furry friend may have been solved after analysing the genetic makeup of Egyptian cat mummies.
My figurine of Bastet, the Egyptian cat goddess, is associated with protective ointments.
Marling even had an "altar" comprising of Egyptian cat goddess statues, a painting of the mask of Tutenkhamun and another painting of the god Horus.

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