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(German ˈaiɡən)
(Biography) Manfred. born 1927, German physical chemist: shared the Nobel prize for chemistry (1967) for developing his relaxation technique for studying fast reactions


(ˈaɪ gən)

Manfred, born 1927, German chemist.
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Noun1.Eigen - German chemist who did research on high-speed chemical reactions (born in 1927)Eigen - German chemist who did research on high-speed chemical reactions (born in 1927)
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Then Eigen feature regularization and extraction technique approach(ERE) is to perform well to compare with other face recognition techniques.
Adds Eigen, a specialist in timekeeping software systems: "Focusing on the software that generates wage and hour data will make it harder for bad-actor employers to intentionally violate the law, and easier for good-actor employers to comply and avoid costly litigation.
The Eigen countenances area situated of eigenvectors utilized as a part of the PC Vision issue of human face acknowledgment.
Eigen and Hitachi are partnered together to provide an improved solution for prostate cancer diagnosis and focal therapy planning: the combination of the Hitachi ultrasound system Noblus with Artemis promises to improve image quality during biopsy, providing more accurate diagnostic information that will result in better patient care, thus creating a new standard of care for customers and their patients.
Eigen has had extensive experience in technology, economics, social science, statistics and the law.
A wall-mounted sculpture, meanwhile, takes the form of a transparent green fig leaf, which plays on a comment) made by Eigen in a discussion of companies flaunting an open book in some areas to avoid scrutiny of their ; misdeeds in others: "That is the allegory of the fig leaf, and I always say: I don't mind a fig leaf if it is transparent.
Eigen also stressed that “the current employment impact of extractive industries in Africa is low,” due to the fact that “offshore oil production does not lend itself to large-scale employment of local workforce.
In addition to ESA's solutions, combined models based on combination of GOCE data with the complementary gravity field from other satellite and terrestrial data, such as GOCO (Gravity Observation Combination) solution, EIGEN (European Improved Gravity Models of the Earth by New Techniques) solution, and DGM (Delft Gravity Model) solution, were also developed by other institutions.
Recordando de los parrafos anteriores que los eigen valores [[lambda].
Direct eigen control for induction machines and synchronous motors.
The scheme first combines the target and noise subspaces and then apply threshold (calculated using eigen values) on different decomposition levels for denoising.
After deciding to expand and grow Ocean Harbor in 2002 he brought on Michael Eigen and later William Roche to manage the company's operations.