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A vector whose direction is unchanged by a given transformation and whose magnitude is changed by a factor corresponding to that vector's eigenvalue. In quantum mechanics, the transformations involved are operators corresponding to a physical system's observables. The eigenvectors correspond to possible states of the system, and the eigenvalues to possible observed values.

[Partial translation of German Eigenvektor : eigen-, characteristic; see eigenvalue + Vektor, vector.]


(Mathematics) maths physics a vector x satisfying an equation Ax = λx, where A is a square matrix and λ is a constant
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Compare the frequencies and eigenvectors proposed by GA and PSO with frequencies and eigenvector of the structure under consideration.
Form the column image vectors and find out the all scatter matrix values, and then with the use of this scatter values, find the eigenvalues and eigenvector matrix.
The reduced eigenvector [THETA] is then projected back to the physical domain to obtain the eigenvectors [[PHI].
PCA is performed by eigenvalue decomposition of a data covariance matrix B into the eigenvector matrix [V.
First, we compare our input image with our mean image and multiply their difference with each eigenvector of the L matrix.
In this paper, we present an approach to minimize the computational effort for the eigenvector orthonormalization in PROM by reducing the size of the basis.
In [3] and [5], a generalized eigenvector problem for the relay beamformer design has been formulated and solved to improve the secrecy rate.
Reference [10] has shown that the eigenvector corresponding to the largest eigenvalue of the M(z) is equal to the true vector [[theta].
The algorithm is based on results of the paper [8] and on application of eigenvector [q.
A root vector is called an associated vector if it is not an eigenvector.
According to one expert, at the "core of the Eigenfactor algorithm is eigenvector centrality and the impetus for developing the algorithm was impact factor.
We use the eigenvector as weight and calculate the score of the j-th company from the i-th principle component as follows: