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interj.1.An exclamation expressing delight.
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The time has gone by when any considerati on of distress to my own feelings can w eigh with me.
Eigh teen miles down the river you had to go behind him, and then three more along the coast to where a group of uninhabited rocky islets enclosed a shel tered anchorage.
If the be discounted great bu around waiting for one just to see if they are red your feet are a size eigh of getting footwear to fi enough without having bargain-hunting Bigfoo "My wife will buy any marked down.
As the national charity fo older people launches a appeal for donations to its eigh shops across Wales they are al asking people to consider t quality of their donations.
By Sunday night, 42 Palestinians and eigh Israelis were reported dead by Reuters.
It's about reprogramming boots f eigh foa everything again.
e Salford-born comic was smitten with the former Coronation Street actress - even though she was eigh t years older.
He wasn but Sam didn't terrible traged eigh "Ben actually missed Sam when he swung.
Leigh said: "A eigh " s a lifelong supporter of Coventry Rugby, it gives me immense pleasure to be able to sponsor the club for yet another season.
Lawyers were permitted to vote for up to 10 lawyers: five from within their firms, five from outside their firms Votes were counted and lawyers with more than eigh votes qualified for inclusion.
Assabet 3, Worcester Tech 2: Kevin Kirley went the distance, giving up one earned run and striking out eigh,t and Travis Divoll was 1 for 4 and had the winning single to score Corey McNair for the host Aztecs (1-2, 1-2 Colonial).