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(eɪˈlɑːt) ,




(Placename) a port in S Israel, on the Gulf of Aqaba: Israel's only outlet to the Red Sea. Pop: 43 500 (2003 est)


or Ei•lat


a seaport at the N tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, in S Israel: resort. 19,600.
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Sabally was dominant in the Division B tournament in Eilat, Israel.
that has helped the rise of UKIP, Deborah lost her niece Julie in Eilat, Israel, just under a year ago.
In his comments, made to the Israel Bar Association conference in Eilat, Israel, the police chief said his plan calls for police to work with citizens at the local level, instead of a larger focus on national crime statistics.
The 16-year-old, who became the team's youngest player on Thursday, starred again as Judy Murray's team beat Georgia 2-1 in Eilat, Israel.
Birdlife Cyprus hopes to launch an awareness raising campaign against illegal trapping with donations it will receive from the birdwatching race Champions of the Flyway, which will take place in Eilat, Israel onMarch 25, in a show of support to the Cypriot organisation.
A tank of shrimpfish caught his eye at a public aquarium in Eilat, Israel, near where he was on sabbatical in 2014.
Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis had previously claimed responsibility for a series of bombings in North Sinai, including one which targeted Egyptian Central Security Forces, an assassination attempt on Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim in Cairo and missiles fired into Eilat, Israel.
If you think that something like that could only be imagined, then you will be surprised to hear that a strip joint like that actually existed- in Eilat, Israel.
a global provider of optimized wireless broadband solutions addressing the connectivity, coverage and capacity challenges of public and private networks, today announced the company s carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution has been deployed to provide Wi-Fi coverage to support use of warehousing and distribution applications at the Port of Eilat, Israel.
GREAT Britain started their Fed Cup Group One campaign with a 3-0 win over Bosnia in Eilat, Israel.
GREAT Britain started their Fed Cup Group One campaign with a resounding 3-0 win over Bosnia in Eilat, Israel.
Great Britain open their 2013 campaign today in Eilat, Israel, with a Europe/Africa Pool B fixture against Bosnia-Herzegovina before clashes with Portugal and Hungary.