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a.1.Serving or tending to elaborate; constructing with labor and minute attention to details.
Elaborative faculty
(Metaph.) the intellectual power of discerning relations and of viewing objects by means of, or in, relations; the discursive faculty; thought.
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It is the execution of specific activities necessary to consolidate the regional technical centers of reference in order to make them in line with the directives issued dall~AGID (TIA - 942 Tier A") and to federate the same to get a single technical center logically distributed multiple poles elaborative geographically distinct.
LAHORE -- Federal Secretary for Religious Affairs and Inter-faith Harmony Sohail Amir has said the government of Saudi Arabia had made elaborative arrangements during Haj 2015.
An elaborative industry value chain helps in understanding the various stakeholder segments from different approaches.
According to the model, attitude change occurs via either of two routes--central or peripheral--that differ in the extent of elaborative information processing activity involved.
It also gives an elaborative description of value chain for building insulation market starting from the raw materials used for the materials to the major end-users of the products.
However, the CTO has also been directed to make elaborative arrangements for maintaining smooth flow of traffic.
Gandhi Smriti & Darshan Samiti provided documents only after intervention of Central Information Commission (CIC) that too partially when break- up of huge expenditure made by CPWD was deliberately avoided for stopping revealing funds spent by CPWD on Director's official residence, even though CIC in its order specifically mentioned to provide detailed and elaborative information about funds spent by CPWD," Agrawal said.
An elaborative willow breeding program needs to be initiated to produce a sufficient number of new and better crosses to serve as rich pools of pedigreed hybrids for selection and clonal multiplication.
As with other racial genocides, there is a specificity to anti-black genocide that requires its own elaborative schema: While the slave and apartheid economic systems certainly depended on the captive African's labor, those systems also produced the enslaved/captive African in a regime of terror and physiological violence, constantly bringing the African into close proximity with the possibility of death--of oneself, loved ones, and other black people--as part of a broader logic of evisceration that is/ was entirely genocidal in its mobilizations and effects (e.
I got an opportunity to accompany him during his latest visit to Liverpool University in January 2014 where he was elaborative about his PDF days with Prof.
reading comprehension, computational knowledge), strategy instruction provides helpful information (possibly redundant or elaborative information) to solve word problems without making demands on cognitive processes.
Depending on the paint and design, painters charge between Rs300 (Dh17) and Rs12,000 for each truck and the artwork can be simple to elaborative.