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n.1.(Zool.) A genus of venomous snakes found both in America and the Old World. Many species are known. See Coral snake, under Coral.
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Legal offices can build upon the experience of successful ELAPs at Fort
Air Force ELAPs, there have been occasions when Air Force legal
OEO-style legal assistance regime for their current ELAPs.
Scott Air Force Base's ELAP was active until Illinois amended
In anticipation of establishing this ELAP, AMC/JA leaders arranged
This article outlines the applicable statutes, rules, and policies governing ELAP practice, while emphasizing the benefits of a robust expanded legal assistance program.
Although the term ELAP has come into common usage within the military legal assistance community and, to a lesser extent, various state and national bar associations, the meaning of the term may vary depending on context.
Contrarily, the use of the term ELAP by the American Bar Association (ABA) does not include representation by civilian attorneys and is limited to in-court representation by judge advocates.
Amidst insufficient personnel and funding as well as continued pockets of resistance by local bar associations, support for the ELAP programs steadily declined following its peak in the early 70s.
The next significant ABA action with respect to ELAP occurred in 2003, when the House of Delegates adopted the Black Letter Model Expanded Legal Assistance Program Rule for Military Personnel (Model Rule or Model ELAP Rule).