Elastic fluids

those which have the property of expanding in all directions on the removal of external pressure, as the air, steam, and other gases and vapors.
- Rankine.

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Air's a perfectly elastic fluid," roars George above the tumult.
A bio-mechanical experiment carried out at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Engineering and Applied Science has answered a long-standing theoretical question if microorganisms swim faster or slower in elastic fluids and the answer is "slower", the university website said
The report said some animals, microorganisms and cells move in a wave pattern and they often do so through elastic fluids.
There have been qualitative observations of sperm cells, for example, where you put sperm in water and watch their tails, then put them in an elastic fluid and see how they swim differently," Arratia said in the University website.
Two-dimensional (2-D) flow of elastic fluids in a steady lid-driven cavity was studied by Pakdel et al.
They also found that the torsionally driven cavity is a suitable geometry for testing the ability of non-Newtonian constitutive models to describe the behavior of elastic fluids in 3-D flows.