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(eɪˈlɑːt) or


(Placename) variant spellings of Eilat


or Ei•lat


a seaport at the N tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, in S Israel: resort. 19,600.
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Rob Elat, of Peace and Loaf, won Chef of the Year at the NECTA Awards Chris Greenwood
Rahi hailed national coexistence in the town of Elat between Christians and Muslims, saying he sensed the beauty of such a remarkable coexistence in the said town.
10 through April 6, 2013, stopping at Safaga, Egypt; Elat, Israel; Aqaba, Jordan; and Sokhna Port, Egypt.
MSC Armonia is offering weekly roundtrip seven-night cruises from November 10, 2012, to April 6, 2013, each stopping at Safaga, Egypt; Elat, Israel; Aqaba, Jordan; and Sokhna Port, Egypt.
The Israeli army and agencies accused Essam Al Batsh through their official website of planning a military operation in Elat in 2007.
Examples of locative forms in Agul and Xuduc Dargwa (oblique) localization orientation nominal stem Agul dar-a- 1- as tree-OBL- SUPER- ELAT '(to fall down) from the tree' Xuduc Dargwa k:ark:a-l- s:u- rka tree-OBL- APUD- ELAT '(to move away) from the tree' Table 2.
NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Hypermedia Seduction for Terrorist Recruiting (2006: Elat, Israel) Ed.
The latest contract from the Port of Aqaba authority follows a similar commission on the Elat side of the Gulf on instruction from the Israeli government.
If we are able to model a Judaism that can contain within itself a plurality that ranges from meditation retreats at Elat Hayim to praying in the shteiblach (13) of Me'ah Shearim and from the teachings of the Jewish-feminist critique to the intricate legalisms of the Talmud and its commentaries, while at the same time maintaining a true sense of unity that respects each of those different approaches, then we truly may be able to create a working model for Tikkun Olam--for fixing our broken world.
DuBois brings a record of success in introducing fuel cell and battery products to commercial and military markets, and his background in component selection will aid our customers in their use of our new catalyst line (HP), next generation ELAT gas diffusion layers and gas diffusion electrodes, and Series 14 [membrane electrode assembly (MEA)] products.
Since the Smart was introduced Elat has seen a massive decrease in security breaches.
1 occurred seventy kilometers south of the city of Elat.