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 (ĕl′blông′, -blôNk′)
A city of northern Poland east-southeast of Gdańsk. Founded by the Teutonic Knights (1237), it passed through various hands before becoming part of Poland after World War II.


(Polish ˈɛlblɔŋk)
(Placename) a port in N Poland: metallurgical industries. Pop: 129 000 (2005 est). German name: Elbing


(ˈɛl blɔŋk)

a seaport in N Poland. 125,000.
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Contract award notice: Execution of services in the field of forest management in the elblag forest district in 2018-2019
Contract award notice: Provision of comprehensive cleaning, Disinfection, Auxiliary services and internal transport services at the premises of the provincial integrated hospital in elblag.
Delivery of sterile, Medicinal technical means in 119 packages within 24 months with the creation of a deposit warehouse for the needs of the laboratory of invasive circulatory system diseases and the occupational radiology laboratory of the provincial integrated hospital in elblag.
Contract award notice: Delivery of equipment for two laboratories in the mechanical schools complex within the framework of the project modernization of vocational education in elblag.
Contract award notice: Service of cleaning of premises in buildings and paved exterior areas and green areas located in the areas of military complexes managed by 21 wog in elblag.
Contract notice: supply of medicinal products in 49 packages for the pharmacy regional hospital in elblag.
pacemakers by single-and dual chamber with a set of electrodes and introducerw while the gratuitous lending for use of stimulants equipment necessary for their programming for the Division of Cardiology of the Intensive Supervision Unit of Cardiology and Invasive Cardiology Regional Hospital in Elblag in 12 months.
The service physical protection of persons and property as well as supervision over the operation of alarm systems with local Centres for Supervision in the complexes of military units in Elblag, Chruscielu, Braniewo, Bartoszyce and Morag provided by specialist armed security.
Contract notice: Performing services in the field of forest management in the forest district elblag in 2017.
Contract notice: Supply of medicines and preparations malnutrition enteral and parenteral administration for Pharmacy Regional Hospital in Elblag.