elective surgery

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e`lect´ive sur´ger`y

n.1.surgery that is not essential, especially surgery to correct a condition that is not life-threatening; surgery that is not required for survival. See also cosmetic surgery.
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Hundreds more patients will get their elective surgery sooner, following a $6.
The risk of dying from an elective surgery in many African countries including Kenya is more than double the global average, researchers said yesterday.
Consequently, as a prophylactic procedure to prevent recurrence, elective surgery is suggested in some patients.
Welsh Government Health Secretary Vaughan Gething announced the extra funds yesterday to help waiting times in elective surgery, diagnostics and therapies.
Thanks to the vision of the NMDHB and local specialists over 20 years ago, Churchill Private Hospital is now firmly established as a provider of private elective surgery in Marlborough--and the benefits to our local population are significant.
New initiatives include $98 million for more elective surgery and to improve prevention and treatment of orthopaedic conditions; $12.
The party also declared $50 million for elective surgery and people with bone, muscle and joint problems such as arthritis, reported New Zealand Herald.
There was no significant increase in incidence of postoperative tissue and wound complications in emergency and elective surgery, (p=0.
A WELSH health board is to order smokers to take stop-smoking courses, and the obese to go on weight-loss programmes before they can have elective surgery, under a new proposal.
Capital Health Elective Surgery Centre (Now known as: Alberta Health Services--Orthopedic Surgery Centre Edmonton) [EDMONTON, AB, CANADA]