Electric machine

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an apparatus for generating, collecting, or exciting, electricity, as by friction.
- Sir W. Thomson.

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The thunderclaps, treading one on the heels of another and with a strange crackling accompaniment, sounded more like the working of a gigantic electric machine than the usual detonating reverberations.
He was also an experimental chemist on a small scale, and had made unto himself an electric machine, from which it was his greatest pleasure and glory to administer small shocks to any small boys who were rash enough to venture into his study.
The table was entirely occupied by the great work of Martin, the electric machine, which was covered carefully with the remains of his table-cloth.
Tenders are invited for Contracts for supply of auto scrubber swingo electric machine
Police spokesman said here Thursday that 14-year-old Mohammad Usama, son of Haji Liaquat Ali, a resident of Chak No 275-RB was preparing green fodder on electric machine for his cattle when he received a fatal electric shock.
Using a conventional distributed stator winding, the Ricardo synchronous reluctance electric machine uses low-cost materials, and simple manufacturing processes and construction.
Doubly-fed induction generators (DFIGs) are by far the most widely used type of doubly-fed electric machine, and are one of the most common types of generator used to produce electricity in wind turbines.
Another component in a hybrid vehicle powertrain is the electric machine.
Sakor president Randy Beattie said: "Hybridyne is a combination of the firm's engine testing Dynalab PT system and its electric machine testing Dynalab EM system.
We only have one pedestal, electric machine running in the United States.
Leading German electric machine maker Siemens AG and major Japanese auto parts maker Yazaki Corp.
Globemech Materials Handling, tel:0190 827 0587, fax:0190 864 6663, are exhibiting a number of models from their wide range of Nuova Detas electric, diesel and gas forklift trucks at IHSE 2000, including a new mid-range four-wheel electric machine.