Electrical light

1.the light produced by a current of electricity which in passing through a resisting medium heats it to incandescence or burns it. See under Carbon.
2.a lamp whose light is produced by passing an electric current through a light bulb, especially an incandescent lamp.
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peculiar electrical light sometimes observed in the hair.
Even when people are exposed to electrical lights during daylight hours, the intensity of indoor lighting is much less than sunlight and the color of electrical light also differs from natural light, which changes shade throughout the day.
Fifty skylights save on lighting requirements, integrated with sensors that automatically adjust the amount of electrical light supplied, depending on the illumination provided by the skylight.
The OS40 is designed for mounting on a single gang electrical box, and is approximately the same size as an electrical light switch cover plate.
One year after the American Lighting Association successfully lobbied to have chandeliers and other electrical light fixtures removed from the "retaliation" list of European products subject to 100 percent duties, the group must repeat its efforts.
Indoor Lighting, LED Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Electrical Light Source, Outdoor Lighting, Lighting Accessory.
Turn off all electrical light strings and decorations before leaving your house or going to bed.
This LEED certified product reduces energy use during peak hours and the product's two thermal barriers help reduce dependence on air conditioning used to offset the heat created by electrical light fixtures.
Washington, Jan 13 (ANI): Exposure to electrical light between dusk and bedtime strongly suppresses melatonin levels and may impact physiologic processes regulated by melatonin signaling, such as sleepiness, thermoregulation, blood pressure and glucose homeostasis, according to a new study.
Tenders are invited for Electrical Light Duty Drill Machine,Capacity 1/4 Inch Dia 6Mm, Watt Input Full Load 235 Watts, No Load Speed 2800 Rpm Approx Weight 1.
Tenders are invited for Provision Of Electrical Installation Electrical Light Fittings And Fresh Air Fan In Ladies Toilets (Gender Concern) At Various Post Offices Under Uttarakhand Circle.
Electrical light strings and other illuminated ornaments that have been tested by UL bear holographic UL labels -- easily identified by the UL Mark that appears to "float" on a silver background.

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