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util′ity pole`

one of a series of large, upright poles used to support telephone wires, electric cables, or the like.
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A LORRY crashed into an electrical pole yesterday causing a road to be blocked for "several hours".
The rolling truck, brake of which was broken, also hit an electrical pole, also damaging up to 15 cars and setting some of the vehicles afire.
The Head of State, also, met with family members of youth Ridha Yahyaoui, who died on January 16, after climbing an electrical pole near the governorate of Kasserine.
The report mentioned that a silver Hyundai- Picanto vehicle hit an electrical pole on Baalbeck-Hermel highway at Al-Mhatta region causing the immediate death of Ali Hassan Mssara and his grandson, child Jawad Mssara, and the injury of the child's mother, Ratiba Mssara, who was transferred to Dar Al-Amal hospital in a critical situation.
a horse-trailer being pulled by a pick-up truck came off its hitch, hitting an electrical pole, which snapped.
TRAIN services in the North East were delayed last night after a man climbed an electrical pole at Darlington Railway Station.
Thieves set fire to the 33,000 volt electrical pole on the B5400 in Chirk shortly before 6.
As the Airmen cautiously approached the intersection, they witnessed the electrical pole snap in half and crash to the ground along the side of the road.
The plane's pilot had tried to make an emergency landing on the course's 18th green, but crashed into a concrete electrical pole.
Three people were killed and a fourth suffered minor injuries shortly after midnight Monday when their car hit a guardrail before ramming into an electrical pole in the village of Fukube, Tottori Prefecture, police said Tuesday.
Three young men were killed in an accident Monday night after their car crossed the centerline and crashed into an electrical pole on the side of a road in Toyama Prefecture on the Sea of Japan coast, police said.
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