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(Telecommunications) a service on the internet that provides an electronic mailing to subscribers with similar interests


a specific list server: one of the most common list servers on the Internet.
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Gov until february 28, 2018; include a contact email address for inclusion on an electronic mailing list.
There you will find MLA President Mark McKnight's statement (posted originally on the MLA-L electronic mailing list on 21 March 2017) on behalf of MLA in response to the proposed cuts to arts and humanities funding posed by the current White House administration.
The Section electronic mailing list at http:// lists.
All entries will be entered into a free quarterly draw as part of the Herbert's regular electronic mailing list.
Letters to the World: Poems from the Wom-Po LISTSERV is the result of an ambitious and unusual goal--to publish an anthology composed of poems submitted by poets who subscribe to a particular electronic mailing list, in this case Wom-Po, a discussion list with women's poetry as its primary topic.
If you subscribe to our electronic mailing list, you are already being periodically informed about our new postings.
All Margaret Smith intended to do was inform the 3,000 members on the National Swimming Pool Foundation's electronic mailing list of the upcoming World Aquatic Health Conference.
Articles included in this special section were received in response to a "call for papers" regarding mental illness on college campuses issued in Counseling Today, on the American College Counseling Association's electronic mailing list, and on a variety of other electronic mailing lists for counselors.
TRAIL (Technical Reports Automated Information List) is a free electronic mailing list that automatically distributes citations to DTIC's unclassified, unlimited technical reports recently added to the DTIC Technical Reports database.
This might be a website, an electronic mailing list, a BLOG, corporate communication through chats, etc.
Furthermore, in 1997 a group set up an electronic mailing list and a website to facilitate organizing against an APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit in Vancouver, Canada.
Although our judging was based on an outsider's viewpoint (after all, a good Web site can attract new members), Piepol explains that NOVAC members have access to additional resources, including an electronic mailing list.
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