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Even more, patients often don't realize that repeated or prolonged exposure to electrosmog can strain thyroid function, trigger headaches, or underlie their symptoms such as burning, cramping hands or a persistent rash.
Tenders are invited for Supply,inspection,testing of electrosmog meter
Sometimes these waves can be amplified or flattened by other people and external sources, such as electrosmog.
See Where Smart Meters are Optional/Free or Free, CENTER FOR ELECTROSMOG PREVENTION, http://www.
He swept through the pub's open door armed with night vision cameras, recorders, baby monitors and an electrosmog detector that morphed from green to red when paranormal activity peaked.
is something new and fresh, they need a history lesson or to stop radiating their brain on the Internet with electrosmog.
Electrosmog (electromagnetic radiation, caused by wireless technology and mains electricity) is one evil we can all help combat, according to Strittmatter.
A new industry has developed over the last few decades that provides protection to sensitive people who have figured out that electrosmog is a factor in their ill health.
The green and tranquil pastures of Mossley Hill are indeed being invaded by what is increasingly known as electrosmog.
The additions, she claimed, which also include carbon footprint, green tax, electrosmog, and eco-village, "reflect the way our lives are changing".