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(ɪˌlɛk trəˈstɑl)

a city in the Russian Federation, in Europe, E of Moscow. 147,000.
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Electronic auction: delivery of fuel through filling stations (hereinafter referred to as "the filling station") for the iv quarter of 2017 - for the needs of the branch of sue mo "ks mo" electrostal "
11 June 2012 - Vozrozhdenie Bank has agreed to provide Russian metallurgy plant Electrostal with a credit line worth a total EUR32m (EUR40m), the Russian lender said on Saturday.
HOCKEY: Hamburg star Niall Stott returns to the Scotland squad for the Test series against Russia in Electrostal near Moscow this weekend.
In 2009 Spar will open its first hypermarket in Electrostal near Moscow, and further hypermarkets are planned in Tula and Nizhny Novgorod.
In 1990 at the plants "Dneprospetsstal", Zaporozhie, Ukraine, and "Elektrostal", Electrostal, RF, the main bulk of electrodes of special VAR alloys were processed using this technology.
8] uranium oxide from the Electrostal factory (A-7340), located some 50 km eastwards from Moscow.
In February, I was on my way to Electrostal, Russia, for a month-long project in business planning with a CDC client, the Electrostal Chemical-Mechanical plant.
Already TACIS has implemented several practical demonstration projects in the Vologda, Electrostal, Orenburg and Chelyabinsk regions, to test and assess different approaches for disease prevention, and several proposals based on the results have been made to the Ministry of Health and the Russian Parliament for improvements in the disease prevention system.