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(ɪˌlɛk trəˈstɑl)

a city in the Russian Federation, in Europe, E of Moscow. 147,000.
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Electronic auction: services for informing residents of the city district of elektrostal in the moscow region about the activities of local governments through the production and distribution (broadcasting) in the city of elektrostal in the moscow region of telecasts in 2018.
Meanwhile, men's champions Inverleith were edged 4-2 in the EuroHockey Indoor Club Champions Trophy by Dinamo Elektrostal in Russia.
The shares affected are Elektrostal Engineering Plant (MASZ RX), NZHK (NZKH RU), PGHO (PGHO RU).
The funds will be allocated to building 15 movie theatres in cities, including Maikop, Astrakhan, and Elektrostal, according to Dmitriyev.
11am Field Hockey, men's Euro League, Dinamo Elektrostal [Russia] vs East Grinstead [UK] (Eurosport2)
La inestimable ayuda del cientifico aleman Nikolaus Riehl dio lugar a la creacion del complejo de Elektrostal, una de las primeras islas del gulag nuclear, en la que los trabajadores eran soldados sovieticos que despues de liberados de las prisiones alemanas fueron condenados por cobardia a decenas de anos de trabajos.
The HEU naval fuel reduction line at the Machine Building Plant at Elektrostal, outside Moscow, remains outside the U.
She counts the days until she gets her promised passport and can bring her numerous relatives, camped out in her native Elektrostal, to this marvelous country of friendly people.
HOCKEY: Inverleith lost out on promotion to the top tier of indoor hockey after they were edged 4-2 by Dinamo Elektrostal in Russia.
Electronic auction: maintenance and repair of outdoor lighting lines in the streets of the city of elektrostal in the moscow region in 2018
HOCKEY: Grove Menzieshill were relegated from the women's European Indoor Club Trophy in Switzerland after the Scots side could only draw 2-2 with Russian side Dinamo Elektrostal.
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