Malicious prosecution

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(Law) a wanton prosecution or arrest, by regular process in a civil or criminal proceeding, without probable cause.
- Burrill.

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Without the crucial elements of proof of arson or incendiary origin, an adjuster must be extremely cautious in attempting to build a strong circumstantial case.
This time, Morales did present some elements of proof.
Any state crime with words that are contained in any federal aggravated felony statute, even if the federal statute has ten more elements of proof that the state crime lacks, could be deemed an aggravated felony if the Immigration Court's decision is not vacated," continued Lahoud, "this would mean that even the smallest of state crimes that never would have lead to deportation in the past will force hundreds of thousands more aliens into removal proceedings without any form of relief, for the smallest of crimes.
In relation to this as yet unsubstantiated claim UEFA wishes to state that, as always, it can only open an investigation on the basis of tangible elements of proof.
The required elements of proof in a medical malpractice action are a deviation or departure from accepted practice and evidence that the departure was the proximate cause of injury or damage.
A police source said: "Most of the elements of proof have already been collected.