Eleusine indica

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Noun1.Eleusine indica - coarse annual grass having fingerlike spikes of flowersEleusine indica - coarse annual grass having fingerlike spikes of flowers; native to Old World tropics; a naturalized weed elsewhere
Eleusine, genus Eleusine - annual and perennial grasses of savannas and upland grasslands
millet - any of various small-grained annual cereal and forage grasses of the genera Panicum, Echinochloa, Setaria, Sorghum, and Eleusine
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The most important species were: Alternanthera tenella in the annual growth environment during the both periods; Panicum maximum (early rainy season) and Chamaescy hirta (end of the rainy season) in the vegetable garden; Eleusine indica (early rainy season) and Galinsoga parviflora (end of the rainy season) in the perennial crop and Sida rhombifolia (early rainy season) and Neonotonia wigrtii (end of the rainy season) in the pasture.
Familia Especie Amaranthaceae Amaranth'us dubius Amaranthus spinosus Asteraceae Sonchus oleraceus Galinsoga sp Astereae Baccharis sp Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia sp Fabaceae Bauhinia forficata Geraniaceae Geranium sp Oxalidaceae Oxalis purpurea Poaceae Eleusine indica Sorghum sp Oplismenus sp Portulacaceae Portulaca oleracea Solanaceae Cestrum sp Solanum sp Fuente: elaboracion propia.
Eleusine indica is a small annual grass distributed throughout the warmer areas of the world to about 50 degrees latitude.
The Cyperaceae species Cyperus longus was spotted at Ruwayya, Dubai, while Eleusine indica, a species of the Poaceae family, was also found in Wadi Ghalilah.
Gene polymorphisms in glyphosate-resistant and -susceptible biotypes of Eleusine indica from Malaysia.
Plants collected from banni region (between North latitudes of 23[degrees]19' and 23[degrees]52'N and East longitudes of 68[degrees]56' to 70[degrees]32'E Kutch, Gujarat) were the Dactylactenium sindicum, Cenchrus biflorus, Sporobolus fertilis, Alelurops lagopoides, Eleusine indica, Chlorius barbata and Cenchrus ciliaris.
Piles were treated with a combination of Eleusine indica, Piper betle, and Areca catechu by Kaviraj 1, but only with Spondias pinnata by Kaviraj 3.
These were Tridax procumbense, Eleusine indica, Syndrella nodiflora, Mimosa pudica, Panicum maximum, Commelina benghalensis and Euphorbia hirta.
Caryophyllaceae) samples, and, other than on Eleusine indica, this thrips species has not been found on any monocotyledonous weed during this research (Table 2).