rapid transit

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rapid transit

An urban passenger transportation system using elevated or underground trains or a combination of both.

rap′id tran′sit

a system of public transportation in a metropolitan area, usu. a subway or elevated train system.
[1870–75, Amer.]
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Noun1.rapid transit - an urban public transit system using underground or elevated trainsrapid transit - an urban public transit system using underground or elevated trains
public transit - a public transportation system for moving passengers
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Test trains are running on a brand new section of elevated rail for the very first time, and three more dangerous and congested level crossings are gone forever.
The developers initially proposed a project with 450,000 s/f of condos, 100,000 s/f of retail and a public park on a defunct elevated rail line.
DAWN NEWS ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN'S Supreme Court on Friday allowed construction of an elevated rail track that activists said could undermine UNESCO heritage sites built by Mogul rulers of the Indian sub-continent centuries ago.
HyderabadMetro is a 72-km long elevated rail line and the largest ever undertaken by engineering major Larsen & Toubro https://t.
According to railway officials, a number of foreign countries have preferred elevated rail corridors.
The project is also expected to double the capacity of the LRT-1, the oldest elevated rail line in the country, to over 800,000 riders daily, while spurring development south of the capital.
Pursuant to the project, the company will construct a half-mile of elevated rail structure and associated work and this new station will provide access to the transit centre, adjacent park-and-ride facilities, North Seattle Community College, local shopping and nearby homes and businesses.
Though construction of elevated rail and metro systems are under way, they won't be ready anytime soon and some Hanoians think the bikes trend is irreversible.
6kilometer line to the west (West Line) the project will be constructed as a fully elevated rail system.
The "newest" of the three elevated rail lines in Metro Manila, the LRT 2 is designed to carry 470,000 passengers daily but only ferries an average of 200,000 since it started commercial operation in 2003.
The facility will be linked to a refurbished Terminal 1 via an elevated rail link.
The sound walls will mitigate noise from Dulles Connector Road traffic and the new Dulles Metrorail Silver Line extension, which has been constructed at-grade in the median and on elevated rail flyovers along the roadway.

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