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Noun1.Eliomys - lerots
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Gliridae, Gliridae - dormice and other Old World forms
lerot - dormouse of southern Europe and northern Africa
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The amount of food can modify hibernation in Eliomys quercinus which hibernates if food is low in protein [70,2] or in Napaeozapus insignis which shortens the phases of torpor if the regime is Rich [30].
The specimens from La Bullana 2B are larger, more concave and have a more rounded outline than those of Eliomys truci Mein and Michaux 1970 and Eliomys yevesi Mansino, Garcia-Alix, Ruiz-Sanchez and Montoya, 2014.
Este ambiente mediterraneo queda tambien patente en la presencia de determinadas especies insectivoras, de roedores y murcielagos, estudiadas por Anastasia Markova: Terricola duodecimcostatus, Eliomys quercinus y Apodemus sylvaticus.
1992) reveals the existence of very dry open areas (containing Allocricetus bursae and a large amount of Microtus arvalis) together with forest areas (containing Apodemus sylvaticus and Eliomys quercinus).
Acomys cahirinus C Acomys russatus C Eliomys melanurus C Gerbillus dasyurus G Gerbillus gerbillus G Gerbillus henleyi G Jaculus jaculus G/F Meriones crassus G/F Mus musculus O Psammomys obesus F Sekeetamys calurus G/F
Especially southern populations of garden Eliomys quercinus and forest dormouse Dryomys nitedula were found to have two to three (in the latter species) litters per season and the timing of breeding is shifted towards climatologically favourable conditions outside the hot summer (Nevo & Amir 1964, Moreno 1988, Gil-Delgado et al.
2), due to the abundant presence of species whose environmental requirements tie them to this type of habitat, as is the case with Apodemus sylvaticus, Microtus arvalis and Eliomys quercinus (Fig.
CODIGO ESPECIE ANIMAL ALR Alectoris rufa (Perdiz) APS Apodemos sylvaticus (Raton de campo) AVE Ave que no esta determinada BOP Bos primigenius (Uro) BOT Bos taurus (Bovidos) CAF Canis familiaris (Perro) CAH Capra hircus (Cabra) CAP Capra pyrenaica (Cabra montesa) CEE Cervus elaphus (Ciervo) ELQ Eliomys quercinus (Liron careto) EQF Equus ferus (Caballo) IND Especies sin determinar LEC Lepus capensis (Liebre) LYP Lynx pardina (Lince) O/C Ovicapridos (Oveja y cabra) ORC Oryctolagus caniculus (Conejo) OVA Ovis aries (Oveja) SUD Sus domesticus (Cerdo) SUS Sus scrofa (Jabali) VUV Vulpes vulpes (Zorro) Cuadro 2.
Garden dormice, Eliomys quercinus, temporarily appeared at places in Germany far away from their known distribution.