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Noun1.Elizabeth Seton - United States religious leader who was the first person born in the United States to be canonized (1774-1821)
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At the Elizabeth Seton School, the canteen, said student Keona Lozada, offers Italian pasta, healthy salads, Asian fried noodles, and french fries.
End-of-life music therapy also includes work being done by people such as Kristen O'Grady, a music therapist who works with terminally ill children and their families at the Elizabeth Seton Paediatric Center in Yonkers.
The Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center, a pediatric specialty-care facility serving some of New York's most medically complex children, announced that Dwayne Doherty has been appointed to its Board of Directors.
Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church in Bedford together raised $12,000 for their 2015 Turkey Drive for the NH Food Bank.
An NCR editorial in this issue consisted of a headline, "Saint Elizabeth Seton," and two words, "Sounds good.
Elizabeth Seton Church, PO Box 861, North Falmouth, MA, 02556 or The Wounded Warrior Project, National Processing Center, PO Box 758541, Topeka, KS 66675-8541.
Elizabeth Seton School in Golden Gate, now has a smartphone-tablet app that allows school administrators to communicate with parents directly on their phones and tablet devices sharing alerts, schedules, school news feeds, contact numbers and more.
He took her advice, enrolling at Elizabeth Seton College and spending a year at the Actors Institute in New York.
Elizabeth Seton Stone, a leading light of the Pacific Southwest Chapter for nearly 30 years, died on December 24, 2013, in Whittier, California.
In its inaugural year in 2012, Elizabeth Seton School of Las PiAaAaAeA~ City won the top plum along with St.
1: Based on a park-like theme, Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center's John A.
Maria, 95, "loved the Sacred Heart, Saint Anthony, Saint Jude, Saint Elizabeth Seton, and Dexter [her hometown].

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