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Noun1.Mrs. Henry Wood - English writer of novels about murders and thefts and forgeries (1814-1887)
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Marcia Whiteside, Ellen Wood or Rhoda Broughton represent both this socially constructed version of femininity as vulnerable, weak and sexually gullible and a more complex response to the train, including a reflection on the potentially dangerous sides of women's tentative appropriation of public spaces.
Ellen Wood died in February 1887 and was buried in Highgate Cemetery, that last destination of so many great Victorians.
com)-- As a Realtor, Mary Ellen Wood of Louisville's Homestead Real Estate, LLC, routinely hosts clients to showings of available properties on the market.
In "Eligibility of Historically Underrepresented Students Referred for Gifted Education in a Rural School District: A Case Study;" Edwina Pendarvis and Ellen Wood confront an ongoing problem for rural schools--the identification of historically underrepresented gifted students.
Many denounced the new turn as an abandoning of Left analysis and an embrace of Liberal pluralism, among them longstanding contributors and former editors like James Petras, Boris Kagar litsky and Ellen Wood.
Mangham focuses on the various ways in which Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Ellen Wood and Wilkie Collins appropriated the Road Murder in Aurora Floyd, St Martin's Eve and the Moonstone respectively, in order to demonstrate how they adopted and created a literary style that was highly responsive to contemporary social developments, especially those relating to crime and psychology.
Todd and Jane Ellen Wood purchased tract two of Creekside II for $1.
Jim Austin, Athletic Director; Ellen Wood, Coach, and Associate Professor; and myself, along with the P.
ELLEN WOOD, mathematics teacher, Aurora Central High School, Aurora, Colorado
WORTH ALL THE EFFORT: Mik Hennessy hands over the pounds 4,000 cheque to (from left, back) Andrea Balac, Connor Sherman, head Arnold Chave, Jayne McNulty - who chairs the school's friends - James McNulty, Ian McDonald; (front) Sharon Charen-Caur, Ellen Wood and Ethan Blenko.
At the lakeside ( and very, very wet ( Stephanie Caygill, Laura Ferguson, Lynsey Appleby and Ellen Wood, all 14, said they really enjoyed the experience.