Ellesmere Island

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Elles·mere Island

The largest and northernmost island of the Queen Elizabeth Islands of northern Canada, north of Baffin Bay. It is separated from Greenland by a narrow passage.

Ellesmere Island

(Placename) a Canadian island in the Arctic Ocean: part of Nunavut; mountainous, with many glaciers. Area: 212 688 sq km (82 119 sq miles)

Elles′mere Is′land

(ˈɛlz mɪər)
an island in the Arctic Ocean, NW of Greenland: a part of Canada. 76,600 sq. mi. (198,400 sq. km).
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Lying at 85deg48'N 176deg9'W the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility is 626 miles from the three nearest land masses of Ellesmere Island, Komsomolets Island and Henrietta Island.
WHEN I WAS 65, National Geographic nominated me and my 27-year-old partner, Erik Boomer, as one of the "Top Ten Adventure Teams" in the world, for an expedition where we skied, walked, crawled, and kayaked 1,500 miles around Ellesmere Island in the Canadian High Arctic.
This "crisis" was sparked by Danish explorer Knud Rasmussen's apparent rejection of Canadian ownership of Ellesmere Island (seemingly with his government's backing).
Operation NEVUS takes place annually in and around Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Alert, located on the northeastern tip of Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, 817 kilometres from the geographic North Pole.
Nares became the first explorer to take his ships all the way north through the channel between Greenland and Ellesmere Island, which is now named Nares Strait in his honour, to the Lincoln Sea.
Approximately 100 Canadian Armed Forces personnel and civilian members from the Department of National Defence have completed Operation NEVUS 2016 the performance of essential preventive and corrective maintenance on the High Arctic Data Communications System (HADCS) in and around Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Alert, Nunavut, located on Ellesmere Island, from June 1 to 28, 2016.
Mopping up a diesel fuel spill is never easy, especially at the world's most northerly habitation on Ellesmere Island, where spring, summer and fall are over in about eight weeks and the ground remains frozen the rest of the year.
Following the First World War, the boundary dispute between Greenland and Canada's Ellesmere Island initiated regular patrols and the establishment of RCMP posts in the high eastern Arctic, and in the west, two unsuccessful expeditions to Wrangel Island resulted in Canada abandoning its interests.
He also attended training on Ellesmere Island in Alert, the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world.
Fort Conger in Quttinirpaaq National Park on Ellesmere Island is the second Canadian site.