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Noun1.Elli - (Norse mythology) goddess of old age who defeated Thor in a wrestling match
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity
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The minute we heard that we began thinking about our daughters and granddaughters, rather than ourselves," recalls Elli.
RSPCA worker Angela Jones said: ``When Elli and Twiggy came to us, they were six kilos underweight and were covered in fleas, lice and the biggest ticks we have ever had at Bryn y Maen.
The major teams, including the Deutsche Telekom outfit of race leader Elli, have Monday's mountains stage on their minds, so a breakaway group looks exceptionally likely.
But the Frenchman was relaxed about seeing the jersey go to Elli, of Deutsche Telekom who took advantage of the breakaway to finish in the leading group of 12 in tenth spot.
Recording a conclusion of a road traffic collision, acting senior coroner Colin Phillips said: "The public tributes to Elli Norkett describe a kind-hearted and caring woman, who was a very talented rugby player, and her loss is very saddening.
Elli went to Cardiff University through Clearing, and hasn't looked back
Implementing agency : Opiskelija-asunnot Oy Joensuun Elli
He has been given English lessons by Elli, and has turned into a cool dude after his recent mohawk haircut.
The Santa procession leaves the rear of the St Elli Centre at 1pm on Sunday, November 20, heading to Vaughan Street and Stepney Street where there will be street entertainment.
Elli, a fifth-year pupil at private Morrison's Academy in Perthshire, was killed at around 10pm on Tuesday.
Senior gallery curator Martin Elli said: "To be represented in this collection at such a young age must be one of the best starts to a career a young designer-maker might dream of.
Bosses at the St Elli Centre, in Llanelli, south Wales, are also discouraging children from sitting on Santa's knee.