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 (ĕlz′wûrth′), Lincoln 1880-1951.
American explorer who took part in several polar expeditions, including a 1935 flight across the Antarctic, during which he claimed large tracts for the United States.


, Oliver 1745-1807.
American jurist and politician. A US senator from Connecticut (1789-1796), he worked on the legislation that created the federal court system (1789) and later served as the chief justice of the US Supreme Court (1796-1800).


(ˈɛlz wɜrθ)

1. Lincoln, 1880–1951, U.S. polar explorer.
2. Oliver, 1745–1807, U.S. jurist and statesman: Chief Justice of the U.S. 1796–1800.
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Noun1.Ellsworth - United States jurist and the third chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1745-1807)
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