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Noun1.Elmer Ambrose Sperry - United States engineer and inventor of the gyrocompass (1860-1930)
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Imagine taking Jimmy Doolittle and Elmer Sperry for a ride in a four-seat, personal GA airplane with synthetic vision, downlink weather, onboard traffic and a three-axis autopilot that will fly the airplane to the fixed-distance markers within 10 feet of the centerline with navigation based on satellites orbiting hundreds of miles overhead.
Ever since Elmer Sperry patented the artificial horizon in Great Britain in 1911 (and which incidentally was first demonstrated in an aircraft back in 1916, not in that now more famous flight in 1929 by then-Lt.
Quite possibly I believe, OZ may represent the most significant step forward in instrument flying since Elmer Sperry invented the artificial horizon in the 1920s.