Elmo's fire

El´mo's fire`

1.See Corposant; also Saint Elmo's Fire, under Saint.
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The film starred Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon, and introduced a young singer who would become a major star in the years to come - Meat Loaf 1985: The romantic, feel-good film St Elmo's Fire was pulling in the punters.
Elmo's Fire and Wayne's World to The West Wing and the hit NBC series Parks and Recreation, Rob Lowe's roles are indelibly imprinted into mainstream consciousness.
Supporting roles in Blame It on Rio and No Small Affair followed before Brat Pack movie St Elmo's Fire made her a star in 1985.
I played the character of Sam Seaborn in TV's The West Wing for four years, and my films include Thank You for Smoking and St Elmo's Fire.
A member of the Brat Pack, he appeared in About Last Night, Oxford Blues and St Elmo's Fire.
Sam also plays guitar and they have had help from two notable names in the music business - John Parr, who had a massive hit with St Elmo's Fire and Dave Mackay, who wrote music for both Bread and Auf Wiedersehen Pet.
But a little St Elmo's fire holds no fears for a player who has lived through battles with Tunisia and Algeria in World Cup qualifiers or the Africa Cup of Nations and he will happily follow Bruce into the trenches.
Elmo's Fire follows a tightly knit group of recent Georgetown University graduates who face their "freshman year of life.
London, Oct 5 (ANI): Bookies have starting placing bets on the crumbling marriage of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, and are guessing that the St Elmo's fire has gone out of their marriage.
JOHN PARR Wednesday September 28, Robin 2, Bilston, 01902 401211 * THE St Elmo's Fire hitmaker is back in business after taking a 10-year break and is touring to promote a new studio album which builds on past glories and adds contemporary edge.
Hudds, Bar 1:22: ELMO'S FIRE + Sulliven + Drunken Duncan ?
Jennifer Lawrence, Glasgow A St Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion) was a No.