Elodea canadensis

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Noun1.Elodea canadensis - North American waterweedElodea canadensis - North American waterweed; widely naturalized in Europe
waterweed - a weedy aquatic plant of genus Elodea
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2004) measured lower LC for other water plants such as Elodea Canadensis Michx.
Submerged species we collected in the Green River upstream from the Yampa River included the vascular plants Elodea canadensis, Myriophyllum sibiricum, N.
For the waste water remediation purpose Lemna minor, Elodea canadensis, and Leptodictyum riparium were also considered as good candidates (Basile et al.
Competition between three submerged macrophytes, Elodea canadensis Michx, Elodea nuttallii (Planch.
49%), Phalaris arundinacea (48%), Alisma plantago-aquatica (42%), Fontinalis antipyretica (36%), Lemna minor (35%), and Elodea canadensis (33%).
1]) (dia) Eichhornia crassipes 0,0107 65 Eichhornia crassipes 0,0370 19 Elodea canadensis 0,0260 27 Lemna gibba 0,0021 330 Ludwigia leptocarpa 0,0050 138 Nelumbo lutea 0,0108 64 Potamogetum perfoliatus 0,0537 13 Potamogeton pectinatus 0,0820 8 Salvinia auriculata 0,0277 25 S.
richardsonii (two plants) and Elodea canadensis (1 stem) were found in the lake (Rosenthal et al.
Although complete species identification was not undertaken for each study site both sites had notable quantities of Elodea Canadensis, Potamogeton crispus, and Potamogeton pedctinatus (Boeger and Poulson 2002).
The most common aquatic macrophytes were: Elodea canadensis L, Sparganium americanum Nutt, and Sagittarla latifolia Willd.
Canadian pondweed, or Elodea canadensis, is one of the most successful varieties.
Canadian pondweed, Elodea canadensis, is highly effective but can get out of control.