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 (ĕl′ō-hēm′, -hĭm′, ə-lō′hĭm)
A name for God in the Hebrew Scriptures.

[Hebrew 'ĕlōhîm, pl. of 'ĕlōah, god; see ʔl in Semitic roots.]


(ɛˈləʊhɪm; ˌɛləʊˈhiːm)
(Bible) Old Testament a Hebrew word for God or gods
[C17: from Hebrew 'Elōhim, plural (used to indicate uniqueness) of 'Elōah God; probably related to 'El God]


(ˌɛl oʊˈhim, -ˈhɪm)

God, esp. as used in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament.
[< Hebrew]
El`o•him′ic (-ˈhɪm ɪk) adj.
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His mission is to welcome back the Elohim, the scientists who created life on Earth, at an embassy that, if possible, is to be built in Jerusalem.
Circular of May 15, 1838," in Congregation Beth Elohim Records, Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives, Cincinnati.
Eventually Daniel retires to Spain where he oscillates between his obsession for new girlfriend Esther (a typical Houellebecq cliche--young, sexually accommodating and, of course, wearing short skirts with no knickers) and spending time with a new cult called the Elohim (based on the Raelians) who are obsessed with eternal life and cloning.
Teacher Anne-Louise McGregor with (clockwise from top left) nine-year-old Ethan Bird, eight-year-old Elohim Mpasi, sixyear-old Chloe Dudley and five-year-old Finley Sheriden.
28, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Following an August 6 revelation that led Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, to announce the end of protection for Israel by the Elohim, which he explained as "the advanced civilization that created life on Earth," Rael shared additional revelations in a statement released by the International Raelian Movement (IRM).
The words El, Elah, Elohei, and Elohim are all pre-Abrahamic, West Semitic generic terms for a God or for many Gods.
Thus Elisha's very first utterance after witnessing and accepting his master's demise is a question--"Where is Yahweh the Elohim of Elijah?
At the conclusion of his novel The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, a demoniac figure "bellow(s) out a terrible formula: "PER ADONAI ELOHIM, ADONAI JEHOVAH, ADONAI SABAOTH, METRATON.
Forbes speaks of Elohim and Yahweh versions of the biblical text.
According to Claude, the being said that the Elohim race had chosen him to be their representative on Earth.
Other highlights from the album are versions of Beatitudes and "Wa Y'Daber Elohim (And God Spoke)," a musical version of the Ten Commandments from Idelsohn's previously mentioned Thesaurus of Hebrew Original Melodies.