Embarras River

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Em·barras River

also Em·barrass River  (ăm′brô)
A river rising in eastern Illinois and flowing about 350 km (220 mi) generally south and southeast to the Wabash River in southwest Indiana.
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Quickly surveying the scene, we identified a well-used trail between a piney thicket and an open oak flat that funneled to a pinch point between two branches of the Embarras River.
triquetra was found in 14 drainages in the state but currently is found only in a small stretch (<40 km) of the Embarras River (Tiemann et al.
The Embarras River basin drains approximately 6,200 [km.
2] portion of the Embarras River basin in Douglas and Coles counties, Illinois (Table 1).
This study was conducted on the Embarras River in east-central Illinois, one of 9 major watersheds in Illinois.
Variables that most influenced habitat scores on the Embarras River were size class of trees and bank texture.
40 colonies/km of stream, the Embarras River provides good quality beaver habitat along most of its length.
clava valve was collected in the Embarras River, 1.
viridis individual was found in the Embarras River, 2 mi SE Hugo near the Co.
The glacial drift hill prairies of the Middle Fork of the Vermilion and the upper Embarras Rivers (Coles and Vermilion Counties), in contrast, are usually on steeper slopes, tend to be somewhat smaller, and have lower species richness.
boasts more than a mile of prime whitetail hunting along the Embarras and Little Embarras Rivers, along with a series of oak ridges, pine stands and more than 30 strategically located food plots.
The farm includes more than a mile of frontage along the Embarras (pronounced Ambraw) and Little Embarras rivers.