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(ˈɛm dən)

one of a breed of domestic geese with white plumage, an orange bill, and orange feet.
[1900–05; after Emden, town in NW Germany]
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Elle sera copresidee par ministre des affaires etrangeres, Abdelkader Messahel et son homologue des Pays-Bas, a annonce, hier, l'ambassadeur du Royaume des Pays-Bas en Algerie, Robert Van Embden, en marge de la cinquieme edition du salon international des transports.
com> Ducklings: Pekin, Rouen, Khaki Campbell, Golden 300 Egg Layer, White Layer, Blue Swedish, Buff, Cayuga, Mallard, Welsh Harlequin, White Crested & Runners (Black, Chocolate, Blue, Fawn & White) Goslings: Embden, White Chinese, Brown Chinese, Toulouse, Dewlap Toulouse, African, Buff, Tufted Buff, Sebastopol, Pilgrim, Roman Tufted, Chicks: Rolin S Red Broilers, Cornish Cross, French Pearl Guineas and Ringneck Pheasants.
RSU #74, located in central Maine, supports students from the towns of Anson, Embden, New Portland, North Anson and Solon across four campuses.
In contrast, the Toulouse (Anser anser) is a heavy breed originating in France which is mainly used for egg and foie gras production (Batty, 1996), and the Embden (Anser anser) breed originates from the area around the North Sea, especially the Netherlands and Germany.
Certain breeds, such as Chinese and African geese, are especially loud and can be aggressive, whereas Pilgrim and Embden geese are known for their docile attitudes.
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