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(ˈɛm dən)

one of a breed of domestic geese with white plumage, an orange bill, and orange feet.
[1900–05; after Emden, town in NW Germany]
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com> Ducklings: Pekin, Rouen, Khaki Campbell, Golden 300 Egg Layer, White Layer, Blue Swedish, Buff, Cayuga, Mallard, Welsh Harlequin, White Crested & Runners (Black, Chocolate, Blue, Fawn & White) Goslings: Embden, White Chinese, Brown Chinese, Toulouse, Dewlap Toulouse, African, Buff, Tufted Buff, Sebastopol, Pilgrim, Roman Tufted.
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But have no common Burse: in Rome, but Romes's Built after the manner of Frankford and Embden.
But Andreas van Embden, analyst at JP Morgan Cazenove, said the company had a higher than average pool of motor risks in the UK which may need to be scaled down in the short term.
Gustav Embden described the detailed steps of the biochemical pathway that bears their names (The Embden-Meyerhoff-Parnas Pathway).
Meanwhile, Plot 5, Embden House, is for sale at offers over pounds 300,000, which represents pounds 225,000 for the land and pounds 75,000 for the triple garage.
The artworks have been put together by artist Luke Embden, who comes from Hackney in East London and has been travelling around seven areas in the UK to enlist help to create them.
The visitors were two young Embden goslings - thought to have been dumped at the edge of the newly-opened park lake.
4) At left, Lightning, an Embden Goose belonging to John Stamm, has a blue eye.
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The two babies, a Chinese goose and an Embden goose, were very handsome, so we decided to name them after our curators, Derek Grove and Matt Lewis," joked Matt's wife Lesley, a DZG keeper.