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(ɪmˈbroʊl yoʊ)

also embroglio

n., pl. -glios.
1. a misunderstanding or disagreement of a complicated nature.
2. an intricate and perplexing state of affairs.
3. a confused heap.
[1740–50; < Italian, derivative of imbrogliare to embroil]
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It interested him enormously, and he threw himself into it, less as a magistrate eager to know the truth, than as an amateur of dramatic embroglios, tending wholly to mystery and intrigue, who dreads nothing so much as the explanatory final act.
In yet another television interview to promote his memoirs, President Clinton said: 'I feel sorry because, as she said herself, she was betrayed by her friend and then she got caught up in this big media and (special counsel Kenneth) Starr embroglio.
96) While not involving an incumbent, the embroglio over the ultimately successful attempt of Steve Forbes and Patrick Buchanan to place their names on the New York ballot for the 1996 New York presidential primary is instructive.