Emily Dickinson

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Noun1.Emily Dickinson - United States poet noted for her mystical and unrhymed poems (1830-1886)Emily Dickinson - United States poet noted for her mystical and unrhymed poems (1830-1886)
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In her most compelling poems, Emily Dickinson tries.
Emily Dickinson is a writer who prompts personal responses from her readers, even from scholars.
There's the pathos and tragedy of Emily Dickinson, but great fun as well.
Unpacking the mysteries is part of what the museum aims to do, as it offers "an initial introduction to the world of Emily Dickinson using her own words from poems and letters," notes Mary Burlington, a guide for the past three years.
Brenda Wineapple's White Heat is not a traditional biography of Emily Dickinson or her friend, literary advisor and later editor, Thomas Wentworth Higginson.
Emily Dickinson was, well, Emily Dickinson--hardly a woman of the world.
Poetry by Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson set to Wainwright's music was a revelation, in particular Dickinson's poem, Hope Is A Thing With Feathers.
Poe decomposes phantasmagorically and finds an eternal soul mate; Emily Dickinson is a "Replilux," a futuristic robot/companion purchased by a New Jersey tax attorney to please his unfulfilled wife; an embittered Clemens is only happy when exploiting doting teenage girls; James finally feels love and physical desire; and, in a gut-wrenching tour-de-force, Hemingway's mind makes its last swirling descent into madness.
Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe--the entirety of common knowledge for Americans of their nineteenth century poets.
A obra compõe-se de 245 poemas da poeta norte-americana Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), distribuídos por três seções ("A áurea presença", "Uma arma carregada" e "O outro céu") e divididos em três categorias (recriações, imitações e invenções).
And they say a curriculum that's too targeted -- say, a steady literature diet of Emily Dickinson and Jane Austen for girls or action, war and supernatural works for boys -- puts students at a disadvantage when they enter college.
Volunteer project manager Emily Dickinson said: "St Oswald's coffee shops are run purely by volunteers.